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An English Woman Abroad: Dharamsala

I can only going on what we ourselves did and what we have been recommend as I try to only use guidebooks as a last resort. However I’m sure you’ll find a fair few of these your dog-eared Lonely Planet. McLeod Ganj: Headquarters of the exiled Tibetan government, bustling market town and home to the Dalai Lama. The Church of St. John in the … Read More An English Woman Abroad: Dharamsala


Dharamsala: It Went With a Bang

“Car crash?” I enquired to our bus driver. “No, no: shooting” he replied nonchalantly. “Ohhhh, a shooting” I thought “naturally”. As we made our way through the multiplying clusters of inquisitive onlookers I had quite forgotten that but two nights ago I was 30,000 feet high somewhere over Central Asia. I imagined that on my first weekend as a fully fledged Delhi local I … Read More Dharamsala: It Went With a Bang