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The Roseate: A Blooming Joy

Delhi’s NH8 doesn’t sound like an obvious location for an urban oasis, does it? But enter The Roseate’s eight-acre property and your opinion will change. Pass an austere looking guard, and the road opens up into an expansive entrance driveway, dotted with art installations and adorned with 650,000 individually cast brass leaves, by British designer John Bowmen. Let me just write that again. Six-hundred-and-fifty-thousand … Read More The Roseate: A Blooming Joy

Secret Lair Seclusion in Sleepy South Goa

As reviewed for i-escape. Perched above a pristine curve of golden sand, there’s an air of Bond villain’s lair about The Cape Goa. Built into the side of a rocky cliff are 4 guest cottages, all with teak walls and rustic thatched roofs that blend into the surrounding palms. But step inside and you’ll find things are rather more indulgent: huge beds, spectacular indoor-outdoor … Read More Secret Lair Seclusion in Sleepy South Goa

Bujera Fort: The Modern Mughal’s Abode

You’d be fooled for thinking that the little rural village had a long and colourful history with the imposing Bujera Fort. So seamlessly do its coral pink walls, cascading with bougainvillea, run through the town. One wonders about the tales of ruling Maharajas and long disbanded feudal systems. But in reality, this property is only a few years old. A miracle, that a new … Read More Bujera Fort: The Modern Mughal’s Abode

Casa Da Graca: Out With The New And In With The Old

As published in Travel + Leisure:  I’ve barely left the airport and we’ve already taken the sharp right turn, down a dusty side road obscured from vision. As the wrought iron gates that lie before me creak open to reveal a definitively Portuguese edifice, I feel a sense of nostalgia for the future: I’d rather like to own a house like this too.   Matieu … Read More Casa Da Graca: Out With The New And In With The Old