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The Roseate: A Blooming Joy

Delhi’s NH8 doesn’t sound like an obvious location for an urban oasis, does it? But enter The Roseate’s eight-acre property and your opinion will change. Pass an austere looking guard, and the road opens up into an expansive entrance driveway, dotted with art installations and adorned with 650,000 individually cast brass leaves, by British designer John Bowmen. Let me just write that again. Six-hundred-and-fifty-thousand … Read More The Roseate: A Blooming Joy

Lakshman Sagar: A Kaleidoscopic Escape

As reviewed for The Hotel Guru: Inspired by the kaleidoscopic colours of Indian this 19th century former hunting lodge is not your average rural Rajasthani stay. Twelve cottages (each with their own private plunge pool) are dotted around a 32 acres and a man made reservoir. The sound of peacocks resonates throughout the grounds from sunrise til sunset, interrupted only by the chattering of … Read More Lakshman Sagar: A Kaleidoscopic Escape

Colonial Charm at The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

As reviewed for The Hotel Guru: Known as the “Grande Dame of Calcutta” this iconic hotel, dating back to the 1880’s, is located in what was the heart of British India. Aside from a few mod-cons, little seems to have changed. Colonial charm still perforates every inch of this property and the at times ‘Fawlty Towers’ service only adds to the poeticism. From the … Read More Colonial Charm at The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata


Top 10, Delhi: A Sushi Addicts Guide

The original of the article published on Delhi’s own Little Black Book: When moving to a foreign country you learn a lot about yourself and your vices. I always thought of myself as a down and out cheese fiend. Having been known to forgo the crackers and accompaniments in favour of a more direct ‘block in mouth’ approach. It seemed there were no limits … Read More Top 10, Delhi: A Sushi Addicts Guide


10 Signs You’ve Become Culturally a Delhi-walla

Piece published on Matador Network: Having spent the last year and a half living in Delhi I’ve come to the realisation that… I’ve become culturally a Delhi-walla. You may not have been born and bred here, but if you’re guilty of the following, you too have become a Delhi-walla: You refer to everyone (bar your actual family) by the title of close relatives: Aunty, … Read More 10 Signs You’ve Become Culturally a Delhi-walla


Jodhpur: A Hotel Guide

Working in travel one has to be sympathetic towards almost any whim, requirement and diet fad of a client. Life and people are full of surprises but when trying to second guess someones preferences it is necessary to (like it or not) pigeon hole. Luckily I am very familiar with each of the extremes. On the one hand we have myself: I will literally … Read More Jodhpur: A Hotel Guide


Almora: Photoblog and Guide from an Amateur

The stunning views along the drive from Kathogodam to Almora – worth staying awake for!  Followed by the mandatory chai stop and my first bread pakhora? I think that’s what these are called? Anyway they’re bloody delicious and basically hot morsels or crispy, carby goodness!  The beautiful “Blue House” And our “Happy Yellow” room 😀 The butterfly(!) that made my lap it’s home for half hour … Read More Almora: Photoblog and Guide from an Amateur