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Almora: Photoblog and Guide from an Amateur

The stunning views along the drive from Kathogodam to Almora – worth staying awake for!  Followed by the mandatory chai stop and my first bread pakhora? I think that’s what these are called? Anyway they’re bloody delicious and basically hot morsels or crispy, carby goodness!  The beautiful “Blue House” And our “Happy Yellow” room 😀 The butterfly(!) that made my lap it’s home for half hour … Read More Almora: Photoblog and Guide from an Amateur


Almora: Less is Mora

Whilst I sit here writing, a butterfly sits on me, apparently bewildered by the flowery pyjama shorts she is trying to feed from! But I am glad of the company; especially so beautiful. “The Himalayas have come to greet you!” E told us upon our arrival in Almora, greeting us herself with a big hug. Apparently they’d been hiding under a thick blanket of … Read More Almora: Less is Mora